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Turning Point

A turning point is an event or a point in time during which an important change occurs. It can be positive or negative. Currently we are seeing a number of turning points on many levels. Covid-19 is one that is on a global scale. It has been affecting the entire world for about one year now and the current indications are that it is getting worse, judging by the increase in infections, rather than better. Another turning point is the prospect of effective vaccines being created in large amounts for possible release globally in the coming year. There are still questions regarding their long-term efficacy and whether there will be side effects or not, but these are being cautiously side-stepped due to the urgent need for some sort of remedy.

Another turning point is the change in administration in the United States. Biden defeated Trump and despite all the futile efforts by Trump to overturn the election results, these have only resulted in showing even greater numbers of votes for Biden and confirming his victory. The difference in their characters is enormous and this will be reflected in changes brought forth by the new administration. Already we are seeing historical firsts, such as Biden’s appointment of many women to his cabinet. There is still more than a month until Biden is sworn in and officially takes office. During the transition period when one administration succeeds another, the former usually extends courtesy and assistance to the new administration. This is done through briefings and the sharing of important information regarding US policies. Shamefully, Trump and his administration has not been forthcoming or helpful. This can only be called spiteful.

The Middle East is another hot spot especially since the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist for which Iran blames Israel and has been threatening retaliation. This causes some to fear war between the two countries occurring. At this point we can only wait and see what occurs, but this turning point directly affects the United States because it has always played an important role in the Middle East.

On a more personal level individuals also experience turning points in their lives. Events can lead to positive or negative changes, but invariably lead to new phases or stages in life. How we go forward depends on our personal values and outlook on life in general. Some find deep sources of strength to go forward in spite of personal tragedies and difficulties, while there are others who feel defeated and unable to go forward because the change has broken them.

The New Year always symbolic signifies a turning point and start of a new phase. Many pray and hope that it will be a good year and probably this year more so than ever before. I tend to be an optimist and as such hope that the coming year will be a good one in which there will be many positive changes that will benefit the entire world.


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