Random Thoughts 110

Year of the Ox

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2021 will be the Year of the Metal Ox. It will be a lucky year and one that is perfect for focusing on relationships. In the Chinese zodiac the Ox is hard-working and methodical so those having such traits will be rewarded with good fortune this year. It will be a year in which we will heavily feel our responsibilities; a year in which twice the effort will be required to achieve anything. The prediction is for the year to be a favorable year for economic recovery or consolidation. It will be a year in which problems will be solved with much discipline.

That interpretation sounds prescient to me. The Chinese zodiac Ox is similar to Taurus In Western astrology, the symbol of which is the cow, and known for the qualities of hard work and methodical effort. As for relationships, Taurus is noted for being a steadfast friend. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, which represents good fortune, too.

Generally speaking we believe that hard work and focused effort is rewarded, whether that hard work is applied to business or personal relationships. Diligence and determination not to be dissuaded from working towards a specific goal generally result in its achievement.

What also caught my eye in the Chinese zodiac prediction was the emphasis on “heavily feeling our responsibilities” in 2021. That is especially true for making efforts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. It will require much self-discipline to forego meeting friends and doing all the things we were used to doing before the pandemic; all the things that are known to be major causes for the spread of the virus. If enough people can become self-disciplined enough to do that, then the virus should subside and the economy should recover. If not, if people continue not to heed the advice of experts, then there will be no economic recovery and the health of many will be endangered. In the end, it will come down to each individual and how he or she goes into the New Year.

I hope the predictions of the Year of the Metal Ox will come true, that everyone everywhere will make a concerted effort to do what is needed to defeat the virus and thus bring about economic recovery. And perhaps in doing so, we will gain deeper understandings of our various relationships and how important they are and what a source of comfort and strength they can be.

To all of you, I send my best wishes to you that the New Year will be one of good fortune, good health, and happiness!




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