Random Thoughts 17

最終更新: 2020年4月13日

Two-Word Verbs without Objects

1. break down: stop operating; become ill, exhausted

 a. That machine is always breaking down.

 b. The strain from his work caused his health to break down.

2. break out: appear; arise suddenly or violently

 a. War broke out shortly after the elections.

 b. The sight of the snake caused him to break out in a cold sweat.

3. fall off: decrease

 a. New accounts fell off sharply in February.

4. fall through: fail; to become unaccomplished

 a. When that deal fell through it hurt the company quite a bit.

 b. Our plans for the trip fell through at the last minute so we spent our vacation at home.

5. go off: explode; depart; happen

 a. The bomb went off when they were trying to defuse it.

 b. The concert went off without any problems.

6. let up: diminish in intensity

 a. Let’s wait until the rain lets up a bit more before we go to lunch.

 b. He worked on the report not letting up even to eat.

7. pass away: die

 a. His father passed away last year.

8. stand by: wait; be prepared to assist

 a. The National Guard was standing by to assist in the evacuation of flood victims.

 b. I’ll be standing by in my office in case you need my help.

9. stand out: be noticeable; show up clearly or be distinct

 a. He always stood out in crowds because of his height.

 b. The form of the ship stood out sharply on the horizon.

10. turn up: appear; be found

 a. Marvin was always turning up at the most inopportune times.

 b. If the pen you lost turns up I’ll keep it for you.

11. wear off: fade; disappear

 a. After the novelty wore off, he stopped wearing his Chinese army hat.

 b. He slept until the effects of the drug wore off.


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