Random Thoughts 18

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Two-Word Verbs with Objects

(A) Separable Two-Word Verbs

1. break off: (end, stop abruptly)

a. She broke the engagement off without warning.

2. bring up: (present for attention or consideration)[1]

a. I will bring the matter up at the next meeting.

3. carry out: (execute, perform)

a. He carried the plan out successfully.

4. figure out: (understand, comprehend)

a. Can you figure the meaning out?

5. give away (divulge, reveal)

a. He carelessly gave the secret away.

6. look up: (research)

a. I looked his address up online.

7. put away: (replace; store)

a. Put your books away before we start the test.

8. take out: (date a person)

a. Did Bob take Sally out last night?

9. try out: (experiment with)

a. I want to try that car out before I buy it.

10. turn down: (reject)

a. I turned the offer down.

(B) Inseparable Two-Word Verbs

1. figure on: (anticipate)

a. I didn’t figure on so many people coming to the party.

2. get over: (recover from)

a. I can’t get over this cold I have had the past two weeks.

3. go without: (abstain from)

a. I went without sleep for three days.

4. look after: (take care of)

a. I’ll look after your cat while you are on vacation.

5. look into: (investigate)

a. The police are looking into the matter now.

6. pick on: (bully, tease)

a. The other boys picked on Billy because he had a stutter.

7. Run into: (meet by chance)

a. I ran into Bob on the street the other day.

8. stand for: (tolerate)

a. I will not stand for your rude behavior any longer!

9. take after: (resemble)

a. He takes after his father.

[1] Bring up when used to mean “raise or careful children” cannot be separated; the two words must come together.


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