Random Thoughts 19

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Here are some exercises to practice two-word verbs.

Use a two-word verb that means the same as the word on the left to complete the following sentences.

1. die I don’t remember my father because he _____ when I was very young.

2. diminish in intensity If this hot weather doesn’t _____ pretty soon I’m going to buy an air conditioner.

3. fail The plan _____ because of a lack of interest in the project.

4. happen suddenly Fighting _____ between radical groups of students and the police had to be called in to restore order.

5. stop working There has been no indication of renewed talks since negotiations _____ last week.

6. decrease If sales _____ any further we’ll have to make cuts in personnel.

7. be noticeable What _____ most in my mind was the way in which he dealt with the troublemakers.

8. appear There’s no telling who may _____ at Jack’s parties.

9. disappear The anesthetic should _____ a few hours after the surgery.

10. depart You’d better check your facts before you _____ half-cocked and make a fool of yourself.

11. refuse Arthur _____ several very good job offers just because he didn’t want to move.

12. understand I could never _____ why she dropped out of school and became a waitress.

13. replace You children will not get any ice cream if you don’t _____ your toys _____!

14. date I’d love to _____ Mary _____, but I don’t think she’d say “yes” if I asked her.

15. suddenly end Susan _____ her engagement with Tom because she discovered he was secretly seeing another woman.


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