Random Thoughts 2


I like almost all kinds of food. In fact, there are very few kinds that I don’t like. It is difficult to say which is my favorite because what I like often depends on my mood. I would say that it is a close tie between Japanese and American dishes. I like Japanese cuisine because it is not only delicious, but healthy and there is a great variety of styles from which to choose. Probably for that reason I eat Japanese dishes more than any other because I can always have something different. I like variety. As for American cuisine, I tend to prefer the basics, such as meat and potatoes. Probably my favorite dish is a good charcoal-grilled hamburger cooked medium rare. There are as many kinds of hamburgers as there are types of ramen ranging from simple fast-food kinds to gourmet kinds. One reason I like hamburgers is because they are simple, easy to eat, and satisfying; perhaps because I grew up eating them.


I always make a fresh cup of coffee the first thing in the morning after I get up. I like French Roast or Italian Roast because of the strong flavor and I like to grind the beans myself. I usually read the news on my PC while drinking that morning coffee. After that I tend to drink water throughout the day, but often have coffee again after lunch and dinner. What I drink often depends on what I eat. If I go out to eat, then usually I will have an alcoholic beverage to go with the meal. I love Italian dishes and always have wine with them, both white and red. The same is true for French cuisine. If I go to an izakaya, then I am likely to have beer. Japanese beer is excellent. In the summer I tend to drink cool drinks, especially gin and tonics. Sometimes I will go to a small bar in Ebisu because the bartender there is the only one I know who can make a really good Harvey Wallbanger. Now that I have gotten older though, I don’t drink nearly as much as I did when I was younger.


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