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Recommendations & Suggestions

If you happen to have a conversation with a visitor to Japan it is very likely that you will be asked for recommendations or suggestions about where to go, what to see, what to do, and other things like that. Probably the person would ask you, “Can you recommend ___?” or “Can you suggest ___?” Other popular ways of asking are, “Where is a good place to ____?” and “What do you recommend / suggest ___? In most situations either “recommend” or “suggest” can be used because the meanings are almost exactly the same. Here are some example patterns.

Examples of questions and replies

Can you recommend a good place to eat sushi?

I recommend Sushi Zanmai. It’s delicious and affordable.

Rotary sushi shops are reasonably priced and offer a wide selection of dishes, so I’d recommend going to one of them.

Where is a good place to buy a camera?

I suggest you go to Bic Camera. There are several shops in Tokyo.

You might try Bic Camera. They have a large selection of cameras.

What do you suggest I see in Kyoto?

Kiyomizu-dera is nice because there are many gift shops along the road going up to it.

I think you would enjoy the Gion district. There are lots of things to see there.

Where can I go to get kitchen ware?

I recommend you go to Kappabashi because there are many shops selling kitchen ware there.

Giving directions

Visitors are also likely to ask you for directions. Here are some typical patterns.

How can I get to Ginza from here?

As you are in Shibuya, the easiest way is to take the Ginza Subway Line. Just go to Shibuya Station and follow the signs.

How do I get to Meiji Shrine from Harajuku Station?

After you exit the station, turn right and walk to the first corner, then turn right again and walk straight. That will take you to the entrance. You can’t miss it.[1]

Useful phrases

Go straight; turn right/left at the corner/traffic light; go down this street and you will see it on the right/left; take the (bus/train/subway) from (place) to (place); it is the (1st/2nd/last stop); go out the (north/south/No. 5) exit; go about (50/100) meters down this street; Sorry, I am not familiar with it. Do you have a map? [This is a situation where you do not know the place where the person wants to go, but probably you can locate it on a map and then give the person directions.]

[1] You can’t miss it = you will be able to easily see it


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