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Expressions using Apple

Apple of my eye

This refers to something or someone that one cherishes above all others. It appeared in the King James version of the Bible, but the original Hebrew expression was “dark part of the eye”, in other words, the pupil. When you look at the pupil of a person, often you can see a tiny reflection of yourself, so if you are looking at a person you like very much, there image is shown on your pupil and thus that person is “apple of my eye”.

Mom and apple pie

This refers to wholesomeness[1] and traditional American values. It also means “things that everyone agrees are arguably good.” Or at least things you would be foolish to get in an argument about.

Bad apple

A bad apple is someone who creates problems or causes trouble for others; specifically, a member of a group whose behavior reflects badly on or negatively affects or influences the remainder of the group. It is often used in the expression, “One bad apple spoils the barrel.” In the old days, apples were sold in barrels. If one apple went bad and began to spoil, it would cause the other apples to spoil, too. Today we use that expression to refer to a person whose behavior creates a bad impression of all similar people. For example, if I see an American acting improperly in Japan, I would say “one bad apple spoils the barrel” to mean that the behavior of that person will likely cause Japanese to think all Americans are bad.

Apple pie

The apple pie is an unofficial symbol of the United States, but it originally began in England, where it is called an apple tart, and recipes go back to the time of Chaucer and one early recipe is from 1381. There are many types of apple pie, the most basic styles being English, Dutch, French, Swedish, and American. [Wikipedia has a good explanation of each style.] My grandmother often made apple pie and it was a favorite dessert of mine. I liked it with vanilla ice cream on top. That is called apple pie a la mode. Instead of ice cream, some people like a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on top. My grandfather liked it that way.

If you want to try these apple pies, I recommend Granny Smith on Koto-dori near Aoyama!



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