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American Humor

Humor is difficult to translate from one culture to another. Jokes in particular are difficult because they often rely on stereotypes[1]. Another popular type of humor is cartoons[2] which often satirize[3] social or political issues. Again, because they reflect the attitudes of a certain culture, the humor often does not come across[4] in other cultures. Still, there are exceptions when the content of the humor is universal and at those times both the translated verbal or written joke as well as the cartoon is understood by most people.

Recently I received a cartoon which I think is easy to understand, so I am adding it here. If you are not sure of what it means, please feel free to ask me!

[1] ステレオタイプ、固定観念

[2] 漫画

[3] 風刺する

[4] Come across means 意味を伝える


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