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Model Making

Making plastic models was a popular hobby among boys when I was young. They came in pieces in a box and generally were of airplanes, ships, and other military objects. The pieces were assembled with glue and afterwards decals, which were included in the box, could easily be applied after soaking them in water. Paints and brushes for painting the models were sold separately, but I was never skilled enough to attempt painting the models I made. Just putting them together neatly and applying the decals was a challenge for me. I always envied the skill of other boys who could skillfully assemble and paint model airplanes.

In addition to plastic models there were also balsa wood models and some of these could be flown. Putting these models together required even more skill and dexterity, both of which I lacked. Though I could not make models well, I always admired looking at the models others skillfully made. Even more impressive were model airplanes that could actually be flown by remote control. These had small gasoline engines and I enjoyed watching them being flown.

Recently I saw a German TV series called Die Modellbauer – das Duell which loosely translates as Duelling Model Makers. Two groups of model builders compete to make a scale model of an actual plane, ship, truck, or machine, that can be remotely controlled and operated. The program follows the efforts of the two groups and then shows the final results. The two models are then evaluated by three experts on their design, functionality, and realism. The program is in German, which I do not understand, but fortunately there are subtitles in Japanese!

The skill exhibited by these model builders is awesome. I am impressed not only by their skillful engineering and the models they make, but also by their workshops. German engineering is famous all over the world and it is certainly evident in this program.

If you are interested in very realistic models, there are some good videos on the Internet of some of the programs. Here is a short segment from one of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPL7Gy65GKg


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