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Just about everyone likes sports. Some actively do sports while others prefer just to watch. I personally, however, have little interest in sports. Growing up I of course played sports as a child and enjoyed playing sand lot baseball, but as I grew older I gradually lost interest especially as the emphasis became increasingly placed on winning. Nevertheless, growing up in a small town all boys were expected to join the school teams and play sports. So, in the fall I played American football and in the spring I played tennis. In the winter I did not play any sports. Instead of sports, I became interested in martial arts after I came to Japan and learned karate. Later when I was much older I took up Aikido and practiced it until I was 60. These days my main form of exercise is going for long walks.

Now there is much anticipation and excitement in Japan as it prepares to host the Summer Olympics again for the second time. The first time was in 1964 and they marked the beginning of phenomenal economic growth. Large-scale construction preceded the Olympics and continued afterwards. I came the following year and was able to witness Japan’s transformation into a world economic power. Once again we see large-scale construction similar to that 54 years ago. Large buildings and facilities are springing up all over the city like mushrooms in a forest. I remember how rapidly Japan changed after the last Olympics so in I am curious to see what, if any, changes will be after 2020.


Exercise is important for maintaining good health as is proper diet. Unfortunately I have always tended to be a bit lazy by nature, so I need to make a disciplined effort to exercise. As I mentioned before, I played sports in school and later did martial arts, but as I became busier with work, I became more sedentary because my work kept me at a desk for long hours. After I retired, I now have more time, so I have made a greater effort to exercise. As I mentioned before, that consists only of taking long walks. I follow a rather simple routing: in the morning I do translation for several hours and then either before or after lunch I go for a walk, usually for about two hours. After I return home, I do more translation, but make sure to take breaks from time to time.


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