Random Thoughts 30

最終更新: 2020年4月13日

Take for granted

This has two meanings: (1) to fail to properly appreciate (someone or something), especially as a result of overfamiliarity; and (2) to assume that something is true without questioning it. I think all of us take many things for granted. We take electricity, water, and other utilities for granted because they are readily available. We don’t have to make a special effort to obtain them. We also take it for granted that the trains and buses will run on time because for the most part they always do. We become aware of this when something happens that prevents us from using them. The same applies to people. Growing up we take our parents for granted. They do everything for us in the beginning, so often we assume that they always will do what we want. Sometimes a person who feels that he or she is not fully appreciated for all he or she does might say, “Stop taking me for granted.” Or, “Don’t take me for granted.”

Feel entitled

The adjective “entitled” means you have a legal right to something. Nowadays, though we hear it used more commonly as a form or criticism in the expression “to act or feel entitled”. A person who acts entitled thinks he or she has the right to something for no real reason. If someone believes they should be admitted to a school or receive a job just because they are of a certain minority group, whether they are qualified or not, then that person is acting entitled. Today in America we can see many examples like this. I think the worst examples are demonstrators or protestors who disobey police requests to do something. They are abusive, violent, and destructive out of a sense of entitlement that somehow their actions are guaranteed by the Constitution or law. These people are ignorant and nothing more than law breakers. Some celebrities also seem to exhibit this negative quality. They behave as though they are entitled to behave in unacceptable ways just because they are famous.


Leniency is when someone is not punished as severely than would be expected. To be lenient means not to be strict. The laws are too lenient when it comes to dealing with drunk drivers. Too often I read about a drunk drivers causing accidents more than once. When that happens, I think the law is too lenient. Drunk drivers should be dealt with harshly, especially in the case of when they caused fatalities. I can think of several other situations, too, where I feel the laws are too lenient, such as in cases of child abuse or domestic violence; also in cases where a company or other organization has done something illegal. Too often the matter seems to end with representatives of the company just bowing and making a “sincere apology” which strikes me as being very insincere. More of these miscreants[1] should be treated exactly the way Carlos Ghosn has been treated!

[1] 姦人


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