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Chip of the old block

This refers to a child he closely resembles a parent, usually in their behavior. For example, if a parent likes to joke and often jokes, then if the child acts the same way, just like the parent, we say he/she is a “chip off the old block.”

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree

This has the same meaning as the above expression. It also refers to a child you is very similar to a parent in behavior or ability.


A rascal is a mischievous person, but one we think affectionately about. When I would get into trouble as a child my mother or grandmother would say, “You little rascal, you!” Sometimes they used “devil” in the same way, such as “You little devil, you!” and usually they would be smiling.

There was a very popular short-film comedy series called Our Gang, and then later The Little Rascals, between 1922 and 1944 that showed children behaving in a natural way.[1]

Long Face

“Why the long face?” is something you would ask a person who looks sad. It means the same thing as “Why are you sad?” “Put on a long face” means to assume a facial expression that makes you appear sad.


This means “aloof” and is used to describe a person who thinks and behaves he or she is superior to others. We would simply say about such a person, “He/she is stuck-up.!

Nose in the air

This is used to describe a person who is stuck-up. Usually in sentences like “walk around with her/his nose in the air”. We imagine such a person as tipping their head back so that their nose is pointing up.

Look down one’s nose

This means to disapprove or to look down on someone; to act superior to someone believed to be inferior. If I felt someone acted that way towards me I would probably say, “Don’t look down your nose at me!”

Nose out of joint

“Bob has his nose out of joint because he is upset with the company’s new no-smoking rule.” It means to be upset or angry about something.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Gang


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