Random Thoughts 37

最終更新: 2020年4月13日

Litigious[1] Society

That is one way that I would describe American society. It means that in America lawyers are “a dime a dozen.”[2] But, contrary to that expression, lawyers are not cheap and indeed, if anything, usually well-paid. The reason why there are so many lawyers is because Americans are too litigious. That is to say, they sue[3] one another very often. It has been that way for as long as I can remember and over the years it seems to have gotten worse. Instead of trying to work things out[4], they threaten to sue each other at the drop of the hat[5]. This has adversely affected medical costs. Doctors need to pay much money for insurance to protect them from malpractice suits[6]. And of course, lawyers in such cases are also expensive, so these expenses are passed along to the public in higher medical costs.

Lawyers are a necessary evil[7] because you need to use them for making contracts and dealing with legal problems. I have had several lawyer friends whom I greatly respected for their ability and good ethics[8], but unfortunately not all lawyers are like that. Too many are shysters[9]. This word comes from the German word scheisser, which means “one who defecates[10]. Shysters are untrustworthy and money-grubbing[11]. They greedily seek to make money at every opportunity, often at the expense of their client.

It is interesting to note that 0.6% of the adult population in America are lawyers, yet 41% of the current members in Congress are lawyers. Members of Congress are sixty-eight (68) times more likely than other American adults to have practiced law. I wonder how that compares to members of the Diet in Japan?

[1] Tending or too ready to take legal action to settle dispute.

[2] Something so common that its value is little or nothing.

[3] 訴える

[4] 話し合いで上手く解決する

[5] To do something immediately without thinking about it.

[6] 医療過誤訴訟

[7] 必要悪; something necessary even though it is not liked

[8] 倫理

[9] An unscrupulous [悪辣な] person, usually used to refer to a lawyer

[10] 排便する

[11] Too eager to make money.


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