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Oldies But Goodies

That is an expression we use to refer to music that was popular many years ago but when listened to even now it still sounds good. For me, the music of the 1960s is the best, or should I say, my most favorite. Most likely that is because I was teenager. Most of the lyrics had to do with love in one form or another. The lyrics were easy to relate to because adolescence is a time when one becomes very much aware of love and other strong emotions. For me the early ‘60s was like that. It was before the Vietnam War became a source of protest and social division; when that happened, songs reflected the feelings of youth then, too, in antiwar protests and the growing popularity of psychedelic music.

But the early ‘60s were for me a time of fond memories, a time of innocence and first loves. Of course I had a girlfriend in the 6th grade of elementary school, but it was what was called “puppy love.” Mostly it just consisted of holding hands, which at the time was quite exciting. Entering junior high school, though, girls suddenly seemed more beautiful and in school, every Friday afternoon in the gym, we had dance lessons and dancing with a girl was a completely new and wonderful experience. Of course relationships were formed and soon on weekends we would hold dance parties at our homes or at a community center or even sometimes at school. At those times the popular music of the time was played on records and we would dance (with the lights turned down low when parents weren’t looking!) until perhaps 10:00 p.m. when it was time to end the party and everyone go home.

By the time we entered high school, we felt more mature and more couples began “going steady” which means they only dated each other and no one else. There were more school dances, too, often after football or basketball games. And by high school we were old enough to get a driver’s license so we either were allowed to use the family car or buy our own old used car. With a car it meant dating was easier. I lived not far from the ocean, lakes, rivers, and sand dunes, so these were popular places to go on dates. Drive-in movie theaters were also very popular because in a car you had privacy which made kissing easier!

So when I hear Oldies and Goodies of the 1960s, especially those up to 1965, I am reminded of those times of my youth when I experienced love and heartbreaks for the first time. Those memories which normally lie dormant come alive again and for a brief time I am transported back a time that now often seems like a dream. Certain songs trigger certain memories; some are good, some are sad, but all hold a special place in my heart.


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