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The other day I went shopping for groceries with my daughter. We went to the Natural Market in Hikarie that is operated by Meidi-ya. I was curious as to why the store spells its name with a “d” instead of a “j” so looked it up on Wikipedia. The following it a near-verbatim copy of that.

This is a Japanese upmarket grocery store chain. Its headquarters are in Kyobashi, Tokyo. It is also a major wholesale distributor.

Meidi-Ya was established in 1885 by Isono Hakaru. It has 14 locations in Greater Tokyo (mostly in upscale Shitamachi districts), 7 stores in other parts of Japan, one store in Amsterdam, which closed in January 2016 and one store in Singapore. As of 1989 the chain is one of the principal purveyors of the Japanese royal family.

The English name Meidi-Ya is the Nihon-ahiki Romanization of the Japanese name. Many foreigners in Japan have pronounced the name with a hard “d” instead of a “j”. The di Romanization is characteristic of Nihon-shiki.

Meidi-Ya specializes in sale and production of food and beverages, importing and exporting of food products, wines and spirits, ship equipment, sale of industrial products, leasing and import of machinery, and real estate[1]

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meidi-Ya


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