Random Thoughts 6

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From the moment we draw our first breath until the moment we draw our last, change occurs throughout our entire life. We are shaped by the changes that take place within us and around us. With time we become more aware of our surroundings and this awareness steadily grows to encompass family, friends, society, and the world in general. At the same time, our awareness of these things has an effect on our surroundings causing them to change, too. As we change, so does the world. It is not possible to avoid change for very long; it is inevitable. Coping with change thus is a challenge.

A Night Out

Yesterday evening I met three old friends for dinner and drinks. One of them is now living in Bangkok and he was back in Tokyo on a business trip. Whenever he is in town we usually get together for dinner and drinks. Our routine never varies: we meet at a yakiniku shop in Azabu Juban at six o’clock and enjoy a lively conversation over delicious grilled meat, a green salad, thin sheets of salty seaweed, kimchi, and a Korean shochu mixed with soda water. Our conversations cover a broad range of subjects: current events, politics, history, culture, literature, music, business, and of course what we each have been doing. After our dinner we go to a nearby small bar for after-dinner drinks which always is Jameson Irish whisky served neat with a glass of water on the side. Someone usually brings cigars which we smoke with our drinks. Around ten o’clock we call it at evening and each head our separate ways home.


Personally I have not been in favor of the Olympics being held in Tokyo for a number of reasons. First of all, I dread the crowds that are expected to result from the increase of foreign visitors as well as others who intend to attend the Olympics. But that is not the only reason. Even more annoying to me is the exorbitant amount of money the Tokyo Government has earmarked for the Olympics. Essentially that is the money we have paid in taxes. I feel like I am paying for something for which I am not getting anything in return.

The Olympics, wherever they are held, seem to be excessively expensive to the host country. Tokyo is already several trillion yen in debt, so hosting the Olympics will certainly make that worse. I agree with someone who said that the Olympics should always be held in Greece as they were in ancient times. I doubt that will ever happen because the IOC probably finds the awarding of Olympic Games sites a very lucrative business. We see occasional news reports of corruption related to this. If the Olympics made a decent profit for those both private and public who invest in holding Olympics I would be less opposed to them. If that were the case, then the profit generated would lessen the huge debt Tokyo has rather than increase it.


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