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Real American Music

Putting your soul into

This expression means to give your total, uninhibited, and best effort into something. I think an example of that is a genre of American music called “soul” or “blues” that was developed by African-Americans notably in the South. Many are devout Christians who faithfully attended church every Sunday and their church services were notable for their gospels and fervent singing. Everyone really seemed to “pour their soul” into their singing. Many famous singers, such as Mahalia Jackson and Aretha Franklin got their starts singing in church before they became famous artists. The following are links to some short video clips on YouTube that are good examples of this genre of American music. Enjoy!





This final clip is taken from the hit movie The Blues Brothers and is a church scene. Of course the pastor is played by James Brown, a famous singer, and it shows, in exaggerated fashion who the congregation “really pours its soul” into the church service. Actually some members get so excited that they do actually jump up and down and dance about, but of course in this movie that is choreographed. But still, close enough to the real thing to be enjoyable!



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