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A demagogue is defined as a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument. A demagogue is also called a rabble-rouser. Rabble means a disorderly crowd, a mob, and rouser is a person who makes a crowd angry or excited. If you have seen video clips of certain American politicians over the years, most likely certain individuals come to mind.

Americans have always been a divided lot almost from the inception of the nation. For various reasons, be they regional, religious, political, or whatever, one of the attributes of American society is its divisiveness. History is replete with examples, the most egregious being the American Civil War[2]. This was a bloody confrontation between the North and the South which claimed many lives. It did not put an end to the divisiveness as there have been continued forms in varying degrees of intensity since then. The period after the Civil War saw racial segregation replace slavery in the South and during the late 19th and early 20th centuries racial prejudices against Asians occurred. The Vietnam War also sowed dissension and caused rifts in American society. The current radical opposing views centering around Trump are but the latest in this American tendency towards divisiveness.

Trump is not the first American politician to be branded dictatorial and demagogic. Huey Long[3], a Southern politician, was so famous for his demagoguery that famous American authors wrote scathing attacks on him and even a movie called All the King’s Men seemed to be based on his life.

So far Trump seems to be on a winning streak and as this year there will be a presidential election in November, we will see whether he is re-elected for another four years or whether whoever gets the Democratic Party nomination will beat him. Whatever happens, the diversity in American society is certain to continue.

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