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Memory Lane

Lately my blogs have been strolls down memory lane[1]. It is interesting how one memory can trigger other long-dormant memories. These are the product of a long life and in a sense can be a double-edged sword[2]. One the one hand, many of these memories are the bitter-sweet ones[3]associated with youth, a time when one is robust, healthy, idealistic, and still full of dreams that seem attainable. It is a time of new experiences, new friends, and in retrospect, a time that went by all too quickly. Somewhere along the way time had a way of[4]tempering those attributes as one became more focused on more immediate matters at hand, such as the responsibilities that come with entering the work force and raising a family.

On the other hand, looking back on those happy times one is struck by[5]the realization that they are gone and cannot be replicated, no matter how much we wish they could. Remembering them is like looking at old photos of places, such as buildings, that no longer exist and which have been replaced by something entirely different. Looking back on old memories can sometimes affect how one looks forward to what lies ahead in life.

The challenge, then, is trying to maintain a healthy perspective[6]. There is a choice, I believe. One can endeavor to remember one’s state of mind[7]at the time of those sweet memories and maintain it when looking towards the future. We cannot physically do what we once could do in youth, but there are still many things that we can do if we have a youthful attitude. In old age we have the advantage of wisdom gained from a life of many experiences and this knowledge is useful in discovering new adventures, be they physical or mental.

How we live and enjoy life comes down to whether we are able to look forward, using our memories and experiences of the past to maintain a positive attitude towards the future, or whether we tend to be too focused on looking back on what we have done in the mistaken belief that such pleasures of the past are unattainable in the future.

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