Random Thoughts 76

Counting One’s Blessings

To count one’s blessings means to be grateful for what one has or one’s situation especially compared to others. These days with the Covid-19 virus still spreading dramatically around the world, probably most of our anxiety and fear is primarily not contracting the infection. This concern also extends to family and friends as well. Such concerns can make it difficult to maintain a positive attitude. As I find myself choosing to isolate myself at home, I spend much of the day watching news and thinking about it. Often the news makes me count my own blessings.

For example, being retired and living on a pension and savings, I (at least for the time being) do not have to worry about a sudden decline or loss of income. Daily there are news stories about how businesses are being forced to lay off employees or reduce their pay. Small mom-and-pop[1] business have really been hit hard. Many have been forced out of business while others have suffered huge loses and reduced business. It is literally a life-and-death struggle[2] for these businesses.

Another thing for which I am grateful is in being able to remain in touch with friends through email and video chats. Not being able to communicate with others would certainly lead to cabin fever or perhaps much worse.

At the time I am writing this blog there has still not been a government notice of a lockdown, and while it does recommend avoiding places where there might be several people, we are still able to go out if we are careful. In that respect while I envy those who live in areas where there are spacious outdoor areas, such as Komazawa Park or Yoyogi Park, my neighborhood is far enough away from such popular areas as Shibuya and Daikanyama so that I can walk along streets that are relatively empty.

At least for the time being I am counting my blessings!

[1] 家族経営の [2] 生死闘争


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