Random Thoughts 79


This is the faculty[1] or power of seeing. Often the word is used in conjunction with other words. Eyesight means the ability to see. Good eyesight means the ability to see well while poor eyesight means the opposite. People with poor eyesight generally need to wear glasses.

Foresight[2] is the ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future. Successful leaders are noted for their good foresight. A lack of foresight means the inability to correctly predict what will happen or be needed in the future.

Hindsight[3] refers to the understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed. It is easy to be critical of how events turned out. Pointing out why an event turned out, especially if in an unfavorable way, is an example of hindsight.

There is still much that is unknown about the coronavirus which makes it all the more frightening. This leads to assumptions[4] and guesses. Data from observation clearly suggests that the virus is transmitted not only by touching but breathing the same air when close to others. Another fact is that virus is spread mostly by asymptomatic[5] individuals. That is to say, the individual has contracted the virus but because there are no symptoms in the beginning the individual does not realize he or she is infected. On average one asymptomatic individual infects two other individuals. It is this factor that is responsible for the large increases of people testing positive for the virus.

Currently there is pressure to reopen businesses and schools, to allow people to gather in certain places. Based on what we do and do not know about the coronavirus I think this lacks foresight. I think that if schools are reopened and that even if students sit far apart from each other, there is a strong possibility that the virus will spread. If that should happen, then the school will be forced to close for an even longer period of time. No doubt then those with hindsight will lament[6] what should have been done. I just hope that those who have the authority to make such decisions about relaxing or maintaining closures of public areas will have the good foresight to err on the side of caution even if some people impatiently protest.

[1] 固有の精神的または肉体的な力 [2] 何が起こるか、または将来必要になるかを予測する機能 [3] 状況または出来事が発生または発展した後にのみ、それを理解する [4] 仮定、想定、推定 [5] 無症候性の [6] 嘆く


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